Recommended point of Wonder Flight device"WD-1/WD-7C"

Pursuing ease of use of the device from the viewpoint of the user

The setting of "Flits" is very easy.

 The time required to set the flight material "Flits"  inside the device "WD-1/WD-7C" is only 60 seconds per one unit. Any skills are unnecessary for that setting.

 A series of operations such as equipment installation (on baton and truss), energization check, operation check, and flying object materials setting can be performed smoothly.

 There is no problem even if the device and flying material Flits are left for several days from the date when the setting is completed on the day of installation.Because it is an internal storage type, there is no need to worry about the Flits falling before the timing of the production.


When you switch on, the first piece of Flits appears immediately.

 “Wonder flight” does not miss the timing of the production effect. There is no time lag from turning on the  switch to sending Flits. The second and subsequent Flits are also sent out to the air at regular intervals, and a flock of flight objects is formed immediately above the head.


"WD-1/WD-7C" gives the speed necessary for "Flits" to fly.

 Flits will start a more horizontal flight from the moment when it comes out of the device "WD-1/WD-7C". A layer of Flits that flies slowly in the air is formed, and satisfactory effect can be obtained even at a place with a relatively low ceiling.


The release speed can be adjusted.

 The release speed can be adjusted within the range of about 45 to 80 seconds by manipulating the adjustment dial.


Device "WD-1/WD-7C" realizes smoother flight.

 By doing a flight test before packing, we have confirmed that Flits are equipped with the necessary lift force for flight, but there is a possibility that slight deformation may occur during transportation or storage.
 "WD-1 / WD-7C" has a lift generation function. Due to its function, even Flits with reduced lift due to deformation are automatically re-corrected immediately before delivery, and their lift is restored and the flight is stabilized.


* Patents and design rights

WonderFlight devices “WD-1” and “WD-7C” are patented products originally developed by TKS, Inc. (currently WF Dimension, Inc.).

PCT international patent pending for FlitsLED (as of October 2019)

Flits fluorescent series acquired design right in Japan, U.S.A. and EU * Request for examination in China (as of April 2020)


Producing country: Japan



Flame retardant Styrofoam is adopted as the material of "Flits"

Physical properties of EPS foamed polystyrene

Combustibility (JIS A 9511)

 According to the JIS flame retardancy test standard, it is stipulated that self-extinguishing fire within 3 seconds after burning. EPS Styrofoam has self-extinguishing performance conforming to JIS by addition of flame retardant. In the situation where the fire source is removed, it self-extinguishes on average 1.7 seconds and does not continue burning.


Ignition temperature

480 to 500°C (896 to 932 °F)


Possibility of fire due to surface heat of lighting equipment

 In general, the maximum surface temperature of lighting fixtures used in the theater is less than 300°C (572°F) even when halogen bulbs of 5000 W are used. Even if Flits lands on a lighting equipment, it does not ignite unless there is abnormality in lighting equipment.


 *The above values are measured values and do not guarantee quality.


There is no toxicity

 EPS Styrofoam is nonflon. When incinerating for disposal, it is decomposed only into "CO2" and "water" by complete combustion, and no dangerous gas etc is generated. Carbon is generated when burning at low temperature, but it is not toxic to the human body.


Producing country: Japan