Questions about "Flits"

Q. I want to write a message with a marker pen on Flits ...

A. It is not advisable for users to write their own messages on Flits. Especially when using oily marker pen etc, styrofoam will melt. As a result, Flits deforms, and the possibility of a malfunction occurring in the dedicated device increases.

Q. I want to print a message on Flits ...

A. We are accepting printing within a certain range. If you print a deep color throughout Flits, the weight of the ink affects the flight. In addition, because Styrofoam is not originally intended for printing, some bleeding may appear in printing, and the coloring may differ from the image. Please contact us at the stage of rough design.
* Please refer to the printing template for the printable range. You can download the template from here. "Download files"

Q. I'd like to try out the “Wonder Flight” with rehearsals, but is it possible to reuse Flits once used in rehearsals for show time?

A. Flits will be adjusted and packaged to make the best possible flight in real work. The adjustment changes as a result of using Flits for rehearsal. Therefore, we can’t recommend using them.

Q. I want to use the used Flits in the demonstration ...

A. Please fully understand the characteristics of Flits and use it at your own risk.
* As you repeat using Flits, they will gradually deform (bend) and their flight will begin to be affected. Also, when you pick up landing Flits, it may be extremely deformed. And at the time of setting, when deformed Flits are mixed in, there is a possibility that Flits will not be sent out from the device "WD-1/WD-7C".

Q. When using candles on the table at the Banquet room, is it OK if Flits touches the flame?

A.Flits are made of flame-retardant polystyrene foam. Flits melt when in contact with flames, but in most cases they do not ignite.And even if Flits ignites, the material of Flits has its own self-extinguishing property with an average of 1.7 seconds. However, it is not recommended to use a candle or similar flame and Wonder Flight in combination. At your own risk, please judge from the use environment etc.

Q. How long is the delivery date of Flits?

A. Flits are handmade. In order to make it fly smoothly, we correct Flits one by one and ship them, so it takes time to deliver compared to general inventory items. If it is unnecessary to print from order confirmation, 10 business days, if you wish to print, 15 business days will be a guide for shipping. Please note that the transportation period is not included. (However, when the order quantity is 500 sheets or less)
* The delivery date of Flits will be longer depending on the order quantity.
Please contact us as soon as possible.
* The delivery date does not include the number of days from shipment to delivery.

Questions about the power supply of "WD-1/WD-7C" and the environment to implement "Wonder Flight"

Q. Are there any notes on power supply?

A-1. Before setting Flits on the equipment "WD-1/WD-7C", please confirm whether the equipment operates normally by the power supply actually used such as outlets. Two independent belt conveyors and motors (one for sending out and the other for conveying) are installed in "WD-1/WD-7C". Be sure to check the operation of each belt conveyor by viewing or touching with your hand.

A-2. When using a typical outlet
Even if there are unused ports in the outlet, the same circuit may be supplying power to other equipment such as lighting. If the electric capacity is insufficient, there is a possibility that troubles such as burning of the power cable may be caused. Please make sure that you can secure sufficient electric capacity from the outlet you want to use.

A-3. When using the power supply of lighting baton
When you operate "WD-1/
WD-7C" by the dimming desk, even if the fader of the dimmer is memory 0, weak electricity may be flowing in the circuit. In such a case, the motor of "WD-1/WD-7C" slowly rotates and Flits starts to fly before the timing of the 'Wonder Flight' performance. Be sure to check that there are no such problems in the setting stage.

Q. What should I pay attention to when I use 'Wonder Flight' for events where children participate?

A. When Flits begins to fly, children move around trying to catch it. It is very dangerous if there are obstacles on the floor of the hall or the aisle. Also, if there is a second floor seat in the hall, there is a danger that the children will reach out beyond the handrail in order to catch Flits. Measures appropriate to the environment of the venue are necessary to ensure safety.

Q. There is unevenness in Flits' flight sent out from "WD-1", and it does not fly beautifully. What is the cause?

A. If there is an air conditioning duct near the installation location of "WD-1/WD-7C", the Flits sent from the equipment will be affected by the wind and will lose the balance for flying. We recommend turning off the air conditioning just before the actual work timing. If you can not turn off the air conditioning at the venue, please install "WD-1/WD-7C" in a place where Flits is unlikely to receive wind of the air conditioning duct.
   Even when air conditioning is turned off, if windows and doors of the venue are open, air flow will occur in the venue, which adversely affects Flits' flight. The nearer the windless environment, the more ideal performance can be realized.


○ Please note the storage location.

If you store "WD-1/WD-7C" in a place with a low temperature, the belt conveyor becomes hard, so it will be difficult for the shaft to rotate in the initial stage. Also, when using it in an extremely low temperature place, the same kind of trouble may occur. Be sure to check the operation of the equipment before setting.


○ Please be careful not to forget to turn off the power.

When using the "WD-1", if the motor continues to rotate for more than 30 minutes, the motor will become hot and the inside of the device may be damaged.Be sure to turn off the power when the production is finished.
* The "WD-7C", the successor to the "WD-1", is equipped with a timer that automatically turns off the power to prevent the motor from overheating.Even if you forget to turn off the power, the power is automatically shut off 2 minutes after the start of use.